Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Back in the Day Youth

The Back in the Day program was developed to teach young people how to conduct historical research of their faith-based institutions through historical documents, artifacts, and by conducting oral history interviews.

During one of the lessons, I decided to have the young people sing an old style gospel song. In my lecture, I talked to them about the time period in the history of African American churches when there was no instrumental music, but only hand clapping, foot tapping, and singing. After the lesson and singing demo, one of the young men broke out into another song in this style. Since that day, the hand clapping/foot tapping style song, "I Don't Know What You've Come to Do" has become a signature song for the Back in the Day church history research program.

Two churches participated in this program and last month, the youth presented their church history research to their family and friends in a special program where they also sang old and new school gospel songs. Last Sunday and today, each group presented their research to their respective churches. The youth sang in both of these programs.

"I Don't Know What You Come to Do . . . I've Come to Praise the Lord"

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